Find out what sets GMetrix apart.

Admin Dashboard Admin Dashboard

GMetrix goes beyond next-level test prep to provide a full-suite of features designed for quick dashboard customization, easy classroom management setup, streamlined student access provision, classroom remediation, individual student progress monitoring, and readiness evaluation.

From the GMetrix admin panel, educators can also access our webinar and events calendar, the latest GMetrix news and announcements, tutorials and resources, customized reports, and more.

Classrooms Classrooms

The new Classrooms feature gives educators the ability to manage their classroom’s content settings, including creating and distributing access codes, and monitoring student progress directly from the Classrooms page. Within the Classrooms dashboard, educators can add, remove, edit content start and due dates, and manage additional content settings. Additionally, educators can access available curriculum resources provided by our content partners.

Study Guide Study Guide

The GMetrix Study Guide is a unique tool that provides tailored recommendations and instructions for learners based on their individual needs, goals, and challenges, and includes direct links to practice tests and curriculum for specific objectives.